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Verge Responsive Website & Mobile Application 2013
Categories: Responsive, UI & UX, Digital Design & Mobile

Client: Tractor Design School

The Verge responsive website and mobile application is a way for members to access information on movies, music and sport. My mobile application design is focused on the music events listing and aims towards attracting a young, vibrant and music loving audience. I designed the site with a minimalistic style, using bold colours giving attitude echoing the the live music scene in Sydney. I used black and white imagery to give personality and create classic, iconic imagery that would relate to a young, independent music loving audience. I used the pink brand colour as a call to action throughout, creating a cohesive design language and providing the viewer familiarity through navigation. Viewers can navigate through the event listings, find info, buy tickets and stream artist videos to boost ticket sales.

Photography used is an example of content only. 

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