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TFS Mobile Application 2013
Categories: UI & UX, Digital Design & Mobile

Client: Tractor Design School

A proposal for an alternative Public Transport ticketing app, this Transport For Sydney mobile application uses NFC (Near Field Communication) technology and is designed to to make ticketing as quick as possible. Imagine you are late and running for the bus, you jump on, press the mode of transport (in this case the ‘bus’ button) then swipe the phone on the closest NFC portal and immediately you would receive an accept ‘tick’ or declined ‘cross’ action, depending on the funds loaded. When registering, you have the option to register your credit card details entailing an automatic top up when the minimum balance of $5.00 is reached. The app also has a map interface where you can track any trains/buses heading to and from the destinations entered into the device’s tracker. The ‘My trip’ feature conveniently allows you to save previous trips.

The design aesthetic is minimalistic and I used blue to convey a feeling of trust, honesty and loyalty. The homescreen features a series of thumb size buttons, providing the user with the most convenient user interface for emergency situations like sleeping late and running for the bus.

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