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Playground Mobile Application 2013
Categories: UI & UX, Digital Design, Mobile

Client: Tractor Design School

My mobile application design was for a new art exhibition space opening up in Sydney CBD to allow students to interact with the space. My design aimed to instil the desire to learn about art through play. My app gamifies the Playground experience and rewards learning through fun. The more you learn, the more points you earn. These reward points have meaning in the real world; discounts on workshops, masterclasses, merchandise and art works sold through the art space holders. Initial sign-in through social media networks permits your Playground experience to be shared with your chosen social stream the whole way. Just like a game, it becomes fun. As your knowledge increases, your points increase and so does your status from ‘Student to Scholar’.

My design is both minimalistic and retro/playful. I used a bright and bold colour palette to attract a young and artistic audience.

Illustrations used are an example of content only.


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