Mystical Yoga Farm, Guatemala 2015
Categories: Lifestyle, Travel, Landscape, Reportage, Spirituality

The Mystical Yoga Farm is a retreat centre and spiritual community located on the mystical Lake Atitlan. It focuses on self-sustainability, organic connection with the environment and feeding and nurturing the bodies and souls of yogis, teachers and healing practitioners.

I stayed for three weeks on a work trade program where I learnt many skills in permaculture, bio-dynamic farming, natural building, yoga, meditation and fermentation.

My day began with meditation on the dock, followed by yoga, community breakfast and then working with Silvio in the garden, Natalia in the kitchen or on local community building projects. 

I was continually inspired by living ‘off the grid’ in the middle of the Mayan jungle. I aimed to convey this feeling of mysticism through my photographs, through the endless inspiring species of flora and fauna, sunsets and sunrises, volcanoes etc. I wanted to convey the feeling of this simple life lived here, filled with love and consciousness towards the Earth.

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