California Dreamin’ 2014
Categories: Lifestyle, Travel, Landscape, Sport, Action

6 weeks in the state of California made me realise why the majority of Americans don’t leave their own country! Blessed with incredible great outdoors like Yosemite National Park, a breathtaking coastal road trip along highway 101, a wonderful live music and food scene and eclectic places like Venice Beach! Woah! Venice Beach, just like it is in the movies. I spent many a day watching the mesmerising skaters at Venice Street Skate Park. On Sundays the 80’s disco dancers come out to perform on roller skates at the Venice Beach Roller Skate Park. The charasmatic man I photographed, who has a striking resemblance to Lee Scratch Perry, danced circles around the floor and then fell, casuing my heart to skip a beat. Everyone waited for him to jump back up but he continues to lay there playing dead. A pretty young girl on roller skates was the first to race up and check on him. Once she touched him he immediately jumped back up ready to dance. Absolute legend. 

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