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My travels through Mexico took me to some of nature’s most beautiful sights. I spent 3 months living and studying on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, where gigantic aquamarine waves provided the backdrop and delivered a pulsating daily rhythm. In the land of these stunning beaches and giant sunsets, I was privileged to capture thousands of Olive Ridley sea turtles emerge from the surf, crawling steadily up the wet sand to come back on shore to lay their eggs. These turtles navigated a complex migratory route over thousands of miles of ocean, without visual landmarks, to lay their eggs on the beach where they were born. Witnessing this natural spectacle was one of the most fascinating sights I have ever witnessed.

Mexico’s Dia de Muertos, famously known as Day of the Dead, is a ritual celebrating the deaths of ancestors. Family and friends gather around orange marigold flower-covered graveyards, praying for their deceased friends and family members. The tradition includes creating altars and making traditional food to enable communication with spirits. 

In Oaxaca, the famous food capital in Mexico, I joined local Mexicans in a cooking class, to make traditional dishes like mole sauces and chile rellenos and was surprised at the use of so many varieties of local chillies.

Mexico is a magical and exotic place to the foreigner, and it is this that I aimed to capture with my photographs.


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