Magic in Peru, 2015
Categories: Lifestyle, Travel, Street, Portrait, Spirituality, Entertainment, Action

I completed my Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Mandala, Arin, a beautiful, eco-friendly yoga retreat centre, located at the base of a beautiful waterfall nestled in the sacred valley of the Incas. Appropriately located in the Andes, the yoga course had a focus on Shamanism. I was fortunate enough to experience many native ceremonies with local shamans, spiritual shapeshifting journeys, and many breathtakingly beautiful hikes admiring the mountains, rivers and ruins. I also climbed the majestic Machu Picchu and enjoyed time in both Cuzco and Pisac. My experience was truly transformative.

Ultimately, I aimed to capture the magic contained within the Andes, be it the beautiful souls I was living so closely with, to the local people working hard and their colourful Peruvian culture. I found that by photographing my yoga family bare skinned amongst the forest, a sense of play and thrill was experienced which I have tried to express in my photography.

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