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Lexus Magazine Winter 2014
Categories: Print Design, Travel & Lifestyle, Art Direction, Editorial, Layout, Typesetting

Client: Lexus

Lexus Magazine is a tri­-monthly dealership magazine that embodies the Lexus brand values of innovation, refinement and excellence in execution. Lexus magazine offers rich editorial content that reflects its reader’s lifestyles and interests, encompassing travel, culture, food and technology.

The title was handed over to me to re-develop the creative concept of the magazine, which entailed everything from researching Lexus’ core values, target audience, Japanese heritage and design aesthetics along with contemporary Japanese art. After extensive research on these topics, I used mind maps to find the common values between them. These values were then put together to form the skeleton of the new concept. Mood boards, typefaces and colour palettes were later chosen to reflect the ‘Modern Tokyo Night’s’ concept.

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